Booth 11: CEOS SEO
Website: http://www.ama-inc.com

The Committee on Earth Observation Satellites (CEOS) Systems Engineering Office (SEO) provides systems engineering leadership and support to CEOS through technical and management services and the development of tools and products that facilitate systems engineering solutions for societal benefit.

Booth 12: Headwall Photonics
Website: http://www.headwallphotonics.com

Headwall produces hyperspectral and multispectral imaging solutions for remote sensing applications. Headwall’s all-reflective concentric optical designs feature high spectral and spatial resolution, a wide field of view, high signal-to-noise, and aberration correction. Spectral ranges include visible-near-infrared (VNIR, 400-1000nm), near-infrared (NIR, 900-1700nm), and shortwave-infrared (SWIR, 900-2500nm). Sensors can be mounted aboard UAVs and aircraft, and small-satellite configurations from Headwall are in low-earth-orbit now. Headwall’s VNIR-SWIR sensor covers the 400-2500nm range with co-registered pixels. A new chlorophyll fluorescence sensor targets the 670-780nm VNIR range with very high resolution. Headwall’s integrated solutions include UAV, sensor, GPS/IMU, all software, and LiDAR if needed.

Booth 33: MDPI AG
Website: http://www.mdpi.com

MDPI is an academic open access publisher of peer-reviewed journals established in 1996 and based in Basel, Switzerland. MDPI publishes over 180 diverse peer-reviewed, scientific, open access, electronic journals, including ISPRS International Journal of Geo-Information (Impact Factor 1.502), Remote Sensing (Impact Factor 3.244), Sensors (Impact Factor 2.677), Sustainability (Impact Factor 1.789), Future Internet and Data. With over 110,000 published papers within the last two decades, MDPI has become a pioneer in academic open access publishing industry. All our content is open access, distributed under a Creative Commons License. MDPI is a member of COPE, STM and OASPA.